Tuesday, August 22, 2006

my writing lesson about bathing for Mistress June

Dear Mistress June,the maid is wearing a white see through blouse with leaf pattern and pink bra with floral design, pink floral panties, and a pink knee length skirt as well as pink high heels. The maid is also wearing a butterfly necklace and white stud earrings and black stockings.The maid is standing behind the Mistress brushing her hair when the Mistress instructs the maid to draw her bath. the maid puts down the brush and curtseys to the Mistress and say " yes Mistress right a way". The maid is in her uniform which is a pretty dress is soft pink and white lace with pink bows around the border of the skirt and around the sleeves. the collar is white lace with a pink ribbon in the middle. The maid need to change into her bathing uniform before drawing the bath so she takes off her dress and hangs it up in the armoire . The maid takes off her pink baby doll shoes and places them beneath dress. The maid has on pink lace stockings in which she rolls down and places them in a laundry hamper to wash later. The maid then takes the pink see through bibbed apron and puts it on. then the maid takes a pair of fuzzy high heel slipper on put them on. The maid then goes to the bathroom to draw the bath which is next to the Mistress's bedroom. When the maid is in the bathroom she puts on a pink floral laced bath cap on and begins to draw the bath. next to the tub are several bath salts and perfumed bath oils . The Maid picks the jasmine bath oils and adds it to the bath water along with the salts . When the water is high enough and arm enough the maid bends down and swishes the water a few times to makes sure everything is dissolved before getting the Mistress. After making sure that everything is good the maid lights several candles the next to the tub and turns on some nice relaxing cello music for the Mistress to enjoy.The maid renters the bedroom and curtseys to the Mistress and says " your bath is ready Mistress, the Mistress replies "very good now help me get undress" The maid says"yes Mistress" and curtseys again for the Mistress. The Mistress has on a spice color kimono which so silky soft it reminds the maid of the Mistress's skin. The made first unties the sash and the then removes the kimono and places it on the hanger and in the Mistress's armoire. The next item of clothing the maid removes are the mistress's black high heels which elongate the Mistress's already long and thin legs much like a ballerina legs beautiful but strong, and places them on the bottom of the armoire. next the black stocking are first unattached from the garters and then gently rolled down as the maid rolls them down she can feel how silky soft they are much like the voice of the Mistress when she is pleased with maid the maid then places the stockings in the lingerie bag. the maid then removes the garter belt itself and places that in the lingerie bag. the Mistress's corset is laced up in the back so the maid first unties the bow and then begins to unlace the corset.while doing this the maid is thinking of how it all began each set of eyes is a stage or phase that the maid had to achieve the taughtness of the corset i remind the maid of the strickness of the Mistress to follow the rules . The corset is placed on the table to be cleaned and conditioned later.The maid the escorts the Mistress to the bathroom and helps the Mistress into the tub and ties the Mistress's hair into a bun and then places a bath cap on the head of the Mistress. The maid then raises one arm and dips the wash cloth into the water begins to wash the Mistress. The maid starts at the finger tips works the way up the slender arm of the mistress in a nice gentle motion never rushing but not stalling. the maid doest the same for the other arm making sure not miss a spot. The legs are next starting at the toes and working her all the way up between the legs as well . The whole time all the maid can think is how lucky she is to be able to worship and adore this beautiful women. when the maid washes the belly she can see the curves of the hips and the wonderful outline of of the female figure and as the maid reaches the breasts she makes sure to get under them as well. the breast so round and such a symbol of all that is lovely about women for we get nurtured through them when we care young. The maid then assists the Mistress to lean forward and she begins to clean the Mistress back so long and elegant it is. Then the maid assists the mistress to stand so she can get the Mistress's tush . The maid assists the Mistress to lower back down to get her neck and face making sure not to get anything on the cap or in the eyes of the Mistress.After the Mistress is completely cleaned the maid offers her hand and assists the Mistress out of the tub. The maid then proceeds to dry of the Mistress with a soft and push purple terry cloth bath towel, making sure that the Mistress is completely dry. Then the maid wraps up the Mistress in another towel that has been warming on the radiator and removes the shower cap from Mistress head and undoes the bun to let the hair fall down on to the Mistress's shoulders.The maid escorts the mistress back to the Bedroom .When they arrive into the bedroom the maid removes the towel and assists the Mistress to the bed and to lie down on the bed. Then the maid takes the Jasmine body powder and proceeds to dust the mistress body in a nice gently circular motion. All down the arms and legs in-between the legs and along the belly and chest and breasts of the Mistress until she smells like a flower garden. then made the takes both arms and put under the mistress and gently rolls her over to cover her back and buttocks with the powder in the same circular motion. The maid then rolls the Mistress back over gently onto her back.The maid asks if she would like to be dressed the Mistress answers "no my body need attention first. Take your hand and caress my breasts with your hands nice and slowly do not rush it. Put on some lotion nice and easy motion pay attention and cover it all. Make sure it fully absorbed. Now get don on your knees hands behind the back and please me like you want to. Take your tongue and massage my clitoris nice and smooth even pressure in and out like i like. Get in there i want to feel your nose against my lips. Smells nice does it not. make sure you get any and juices as they flow. turn around i do not want any cheating." The maid did as she was told and the Mistress tied her hands behind her back and then threaded the other end through the crotch and fasten it to the clit of the maid. the Mistress laid back on the bed and then the maid lowered her head and shoulders until she was right at the opening of Mistress's vagina . As the Maid leaned forward the ribbon pulled her clit towards her cunt. The maid took her tongue and began massaging the clit with her tongue around and around and in and out for ten minutes then the Mistress juices started to flow the maid lapped it up relishing in taking in all that the mistress had to give. after 30 minutes the Mistress said "enough now help get ready for our guest tonight.Turn around" the maid did as was instructed her clit was a nice shade of purple now and so were her wrist. "now clean up my pussy with a towel and some more body powder as well. The maid took the towel and cleaned up and then the puff and dusted more Jasmine powder on the Mistress vagina. The maid dressed the Mistress in a black blouse , bra, stockings, garter, heels , straight knee length skirt and panties. The panties went on first making sure they did not bind or bunch up, the the garter belt with a red roses in the front and back, next the stockings attaching the garters one by one to each stocking making sure not to tear or rip the stockings next the the heels with a strap that goes around the ankle, the the bra which is fastened in the front then the skirt that zips up in the back and finally the blouse with buttons in the back completing the outfit."Did you remember to call Natalie like I told you?" "yes Mistress she will be here son ,should i get dressed?" No stay as you are except take your panties all the way off. I have a new addition to your bathing uniform. the Mistress tied a satin pink ribbon and tied it into a bow at the tip of the maids clit.Just about 5 minutes later the door bell rang "well answer it" "yes Mistress the maid opened the door and there stood a small figure lady with a deep purple corset and a black leather jacket, blue jeans and black wrap around heels the elongated her long legs even more. The maid curtseyed to Natalie and said "welcome Madame the Mistress is expecting you. The maid showed Madame Natalie to the bedroom and opened the door for her and curtseyed while doing so. after Madame Natalie entered the room the maid closed the door and curtseyed to both Mistress and Madame Natalie. the Mistress said " Natalie you look tired and need a bath. " i am tired and could use a bath to freshen up " said Natalie. The mistress then said Help Natalie out of her clothes and draw her a bath, the maid sat Natalie into the chair and removed the wraparound sandals and placed them on the bottom of the maids armoire , then the maid unbuttoned the jeans and slipped them off revealing black bikinis panties. The maid took a pants hanger and placed the jeans in the wardrobe, then she slipped off the panties and placed them in a laundry basket. the black jacket was next the maid slipped out each arm and put the jacket on a hanger and placed it in the armoire. the corset had lacing in the back just like the mistress's so the maid untied each set of eyelets and folded the corset neatly on the table to be cleaned. "you need a robe while your bath is prepared what color do want Natalie " said the Mistress. "Purple would be grand" so the maid picked out a deep purple kimono with a dragon motif on the back and slipped Natalie's arms through it and tied the sash in the front.Then the maid curtseys and withdraws to run the bathroom .The maid rinses out the tub first and the proceeds to fill with the bath salts and oils and makes sure that the temperature is right. the maid leaves the bathroom and curtseys as she enters the bedroom" Madame Natalie's bath is ready Mistress". "Very good i will watch you as you give Madame Natalie her bath, do it exactly like you do for me." " yes Mistress" the Mistress enters the bathroom first, then the maid escorts Madame Natalie to the bathroom and takes off the robe and hangs it on a hanger. The maid then assists Madame Natalie into the tub and ties her hair up into a bun and then places a shower cap onto Madame Natalie's head. "Now start with the arms at the finger tips and work your way up make sure you get the armpits was well. slowly do not rush let Natalie enjoy the feeling as the sponge caresses her arms and the oils penetrate her skin. Now the legs again start at the foot get between the toes and the bottom of the heels, massage the heels allow her to enjoy the rhythm and the motion of your fingers as the massage the aches away from her, do not forget to get between the legs her vagina needs cleaning as well and not harshly gently it is very sensitive down there. Now move up to the belly and do not forget the bellybutton let your hands flow over her body following it curves up to her breasts . Lift them gently get underneath do not rush make sure you get the whole breast. Now the neck make sure you get that, lean her forward to get her back nice even pressure not too hard we want her to enjoy the bath. Assist her up and get her bottom and between it. Ok now help her out and dry her off completely and thoroughly the same way you washed her. Put her kimono back on her, the maid put the kimono back on and then ties the sash again. now escort her back to the bedroom after i leave and wait 2 minutes before you come back into the bedroom." Yes Mistress" the Mistress leaves and the maid and Madame Natalie wait the 2 minutes and enter the bedroom , when they enter the Mistress is sitting at her dresser ."now assist her to the bed and dust Madame Natalie like you dusted me and if she wants to be serviced do so. The maid dusts her arms and the armpits first with the puff and the legs then the belly and breasts. Then the maid turns Madame Natalie over and dust her back neck and bottom as well as the back of the legs . The maid then turns over Madame Natalie and asks" do you require service Madame Natalie. " Yes i do turn around and place your hands behind your back Madame Natalie ties a purple ribbon around the maids wrists and then through the crotch and tightly ties the other end to the clit of the maid so that the clit is touching the cunt of the maid. Now you may service me you must not miss a drop of juice. The maid begins and lowers her head and shoulders to meet the opening of the vagina and inserts her tongue into Madame Natalie vagina her nose touching Madame Natalie lips . The maid feels the clitoris and begins to massaging it back and forth in a circular motion with her tongue. The Madame Natalie begins to flow and the maid laps up the juices as the enter her mouth swallowing them all making them a part of her. The maid services Madame Natalie for 20 minutes until Madame Natalie orders her to stop and to turn around Madame Natalie unties the maid who's clit is purple once again and so are the wrists. The maid thanks Madame Natalie for allowing her to service Madame Natalie. The maid the washes Madame Natalie vagina up and redusts her with body powder.The Mistress tells the maid to turn around and the maid does as instructed. When the maid faces the Mistress she is told to stand up. "From this day on your peepee is known as a clit and you ass is your cunt. You clit does not interests me only your cunt you will get on all four when told to and present it to me or anyone else i deem fit to enjoy it and your mouth for that matter as well. You will be milked and emptied daily and swallow what you produce. Seeing as you have no use for you clit I have a gift for you a chastity device. Once on it will not come off if i deem you have served me well, but you can not penetrate me or any other female only sissy sluts such as your self , if you displease me once you will be punished if you displease me twice i will make it permanent , , are you prepared to serve me totally?". "yes Mistress my body is yours to i live to serve you Mistress." The Mistress attached the chastity device to the clit of the maid and threaded a barbell through the clit to keep it it place. You may remove only to wash it and only in front of me .